Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Protecting intangible assets like trademarks and copyrights requires a special expertise. With 75 years of collective experience litigating intellectual property disputes, Grodsky, Olecki & Puritsky LLP swiftly delivers creative and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

We have represented internet and media companies, manufacturers, distributors, production companies, creative professionals, inventors, and entrepreneurs whose business interests depend on protecting their intellectual property rights, whether from infringement, misappropriation by competitors, or from false claims asserted against them.

Copyright Disputes:

Our experience encompasses a broad spectrum of copyright issues that range from fair use to derivative and collective works and the assignment and licensing of copyrights. We have successfully represented businesses and individual entertainment and creative professionals in copyright litigation both as plaintiffs and as defendants, and in fields as diverse as toy making, fashion design, music, screenwriting, photography and fine art.

Trademark Disputes:

We regularly handle trademark and trademark-related issues, including allegations of trademark infringement, brand dilution, prior use and likelihood of confusion. We also represent our entertainment clients in cases involving right of publicity and misappropriation of name or likeness/celebrity trademark.

Representative Cases:

  • Negotiated a minimal “nuisance value” settlement in exchange for dismissal of entire copyright infringement claim asserted against a record label in connection with a critically acclaimed rap album.
  • Won a summary judgment for a multimillion copyright infringement case on behalf of the owner of the copyright to Julius the Monkey.
  • Obtained an arbitration award on trademark infringement claim in favor of the owner of the Russian Arm™ remote-operated camera crane (used in car commercials and high speed chase scenes in action movies), including injunctive relief, damages, and attorney's fees.
  • Secured a partial summary judgment on the liability portion of client’s trade dress infringement claim against a competitor, and summary judgment on all of the competitor's counterclaims. As a result, the defendant agreed to settle the case, thus avoiding the cost of a damages trial.
  • Represented a songwriter who sued a music company for failing to pay publishing royalties. The arbitrator found in favor of the songwriter on liability, and the case settled shortly thereafter.